Video Content: You dont have time to read

15/09/2012 13:41

Why Read? You don’t have time!

The lack of reading epidemic has now hit the internet as well as the book world. While people are finding ways to read on their phones and via mobile devices, in general there is a lack of desire when it comes to finding more stuff to read. The average person spends so much time reading on the computer that blogs are having to find new and compelling ways to reach out to their audience and video content seems to be the most effective. The public has become incredibly used to consuming vital information through video content on the television and on the web. By providing video content you can increase your search engine ranking and get more of a following.

Bloggers Beware, Video is Necessary

While a blog does not have to switch over to video content entirely, it is helpful to have the occasional piece that is not just words. You can even use video links provided by others in order to lend weight to your blog. This gives you a chance to give your reader video content without having to create it on your own. If you are going to comment on something that has been said or happened in the news, find the relevant video content clip and plug it into your site. It lends even more weight to the words you do type and gives users a one-stop shop, they can stay on your page and know what you are talking about.

Video Content for Websites

The truth of today's website is that there needs to be new information all the time in order to stay ahead in the rankings. Whether you have built a "what's new" page or a blog, finding ways to incorporate videos on these pages is imperative if you want to keep your audience entertained. A page full of nothing but text is likely to lose an audience. Breaking up the wall of words with video content and images makes coming to your site more fun and interesting for users. The more interesting a site, the more likely the user is to share your content with others.    

Making Video Content

The genius of the web is that it levels the playing field. People do not log into the web expecting the next "Godfather." Occasionally they are surprised, but in general video content can be simple. You can utilize a single camera and a microphone. Limited angles and direct interaction are acceptable. Video content in this manner is not at all difficult to create. You can even build your very own webcast if you like. The overall feel of your video content can be as simple or as complex as you care to make it. A simple flip camera will go a long way and the next thing you know your video content will shoot viral and your ranking will grow exponentially. All of this means start making video content now and improve later, what matters is getting it up there.